Bebe's Barbecue
pulled pork sandwich
dig the pig!
We are currently transitioning our business to a new operation, & we hope to rejoin the food scene by Spring 2011. Thanks for your support!!!
Best of Philly 2009Mark was selected to demo his now famous pulled pork sandwich at the Sandwich Smash '09. Find out what it means to be a 'Sandwich Guy'

"...this welcome six-seat addition to the Italian Market nails most of its menu. Best bets: the succulent dry-rubbed ribs, the Carolina-style pulled pork sandwich, truly sinful (and we do mean sinful) baked mac-and-cheese, the complimentary sweet tea, and the delightful mini sweet-potato pies. You’ll eat two."
~ Philadelphia Magazine - Best of Philly Edition

"The pork is moist yet deeply smoky, dressed with a zippy tomato-based vinegar sauce, and piled on a toasted hamburger bun in such a heap that a single pre-airport sandwich kept me going for 16 hours of sleepless and snackless travel. The fresh collards, flavored sublimely with liquid smoke rather than ham hocks, are tender but not at all mushy. With meat this expertly smoked and hospitality this genuine, Bebe’s is set to become my biggest temptation on a street teeming with them." ~
Philadelphia City Paper

"In my experience, good barbecue is common. Meat + spice + smoke + hours (and hours) = a forgiving formula for even the most amateur smoker. But great barbecue—the stuff that transcends time and place, conjures our primal urges to gnaw bone and gristle—is a rare thing. The critical difference between the two is a matter of geography: Southerners -- like Carolina-born, Mississippi-bred Mark Coates, chef/co-owner of the barbecue lunchbox named for his grandmother Bebe—just do it better." ~
Philadelphia Weekly

"South Philly's so inundated with recipes handed down from Italian grandmothers, they start to run together in your mind, until it seems like everyone had the same grandmother -- the all-saucing Ur-Grandma. For goods from a different type of culinary matriarch, hit Bebe's Barbecue.
" ~ Philly Thrillist

"...the ribs are coming out meaty and tender, with a fine peppery crust, or "bark," as it's called. The pulled pork is moister and fuller-flavored than most in the new wave." ~ The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Fortunately, they send you on the way with extra sauce. It's very addictive. You may even want to pour some on your cereal in the morning." ~ Philadelphia Daily News

"The newly opened Bebe’s Barbecue on 9th Street in the Italian Market is the newest foray into smoked meat. We unbreaded their signature item, a Carolina-style pulled pork sandwich, and found that is has the right stuff to smoke out the competition." ~
Ben Greenburg, Unbreaded

"Native Southerner Mark Coates offers a small menu of smells-good slow-cooked delights at his Italian Market barbecue walk-in. Check out his pulled pork, ribs or barbecue chicken, side it up with collards, mac 'n' cheese or slaw and wash everything down with some sweet iced tea for a buck." ~ Philadelphia City Paper

"All the sides at Bebe's are vegetarian, which is certainly not the norm -- collards and beans, baked or otherwise, at most places usually have pork -- but making sides vegetarian is easy to do without compromising the dish, and is very much appreciated by this girl...Of course, I can't tell you about the barbecue, but if the sides are any indication of the quality and authenticity of the food Bebe's is serving, that barbecue is sure to be good." ~ Mac & Cheese Food Reviews

"New BBQ joint in the heart of the Italian Market in Philly. This is the real deal. Delicious, locally sourced, generous portions, super cool staff and um, delicious. When I was there they had real southern Carolina style pulled pork, dry rubbed ribs, and rotisserie chicken, corn, collards, cornbread, mac and cheese, little sweet potato pies and complimentary sweet tea." ~ Chowhound


"Things move slow at Bebe's. Lot's of talking, lots of lovin in the cooking. Everything has to be just right. If not, Bebe Chadwick just might show up and take Mark out back for a lickin'." "Outstanding-Five Grease Stains" ~ Holly Eats